The Boys regular evening concert program is unique in its combination of true tradition, exemplary musicianship, and storytelling fun. There are also three feature programs available to Presenters who would like thematic emphasis. In addition, the Boys offer workshops and educational concerts (to be scheduled on the same day as an evening concert).

"Traditional heroes played a moving set, putting people on their feet
   and making them dance the night away." Irish World

This is Ixtlan Artists’ premiere Christmas program, and one of the best Christmas shows touring today. A Celtic Christmas with Boys of the Lough combines beautiful Christmas songs and instrumentals from throughout the British Isles and Ireland with fascinating stories of the history of this great musical tradition. Through anecdotes of fairies and trolls, master storyteller and multi-instrumentalist Dave Richardson weaves sparkling wit and humor with encyclopedic knowledge of British traditions, and adds a wee bit of fantasy. Flutist and Boys of the Lough founder Cathal McConnell adds a forty-year history of playing this music on stage. Brendan Begley brings a beautiful tenor voice to the songs of the tradition, singing in both Gaelic and English, including a beautiful Gaelic version of Silent Night. Guitarist Malcolm Stitt hails the Highlands of Scotland, and Kevin Henderson shares the rich fiddle tradition of the Shetland Islands. If you would like to bring your audience the world of the Celtic Christmas tradition, and present a Christmas show that combines family appeal, historical intrigue, brilliant musicianship, and "a touch of the different", A Celtic Christmas with Boys of the Lough delivers.

An integral part of the Celtic tradition, Boys of the Lough have a long history of presenting seafaring lore. This special program, Songs of the Sea, consists entirely of maritime material. Songs include ballads of emigration and returning home, celebrations of ships and boats and fishing, tales of shipwrecks and drowning, and even a tune inspired by the legend of the mermaid.

Over thirty years ago, National Geographic asked Boys of the Lough to provide instrumental music for a special recording project "Songs and Sounds of the Sea". The music played on Songs of the Sea has been featured at the International Maritime Festival in France and the Bristol International Festival of the Sea. The band members have a special history with seafaring songs. Dave is from Wallsend-on-Tyne, famous for its shipyards. Brendan owns and fishes from a traditional Kerry "naomhog" at St. Brendan’s Creek, where the missionary/explorer set out on his voyage to America. Kevin’s father comes from the remote Fair Isle, where the boating skills of the inhabitants were crucial to survival. The great Shetland composer Tom Anderson was an honored guest fiddler on past Boys of the Lough tours. A terrific thematic program.

The term ceili was originally used by country folk in Ireland and Scotland to mean a social visit. The term came to embrace all activities associated with such a visit: news, gossip, joking, singing, playing music and dancing. The Boys of the Lough present in concert a brilliant cross-section of the arts of a good ceili, welcoming the audience as if they’d been invited into one of their homes. From the warm audience interaction, to Dave Richardson’s far yarns, to the expert traditional musicianship of the entire band both individually and as an ensemble, A Fireside Ceili is Celtic entertainment at its most historically satisfying.

The Boys of the Lough are available for school assemblies and university programs. Their educational program is titled “Celtic Music of the British Isles”. This program is tailored to specific age groups as needed. It is a one-hour concert with Dave Richardson explaining to the student audience the historical background of the songs and tunes played.

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